Let us build a Digital Sales Pipeline for your sales team…

LESS time on admin, MORE time for activities that matter!

Get a single screen which gives your entire sales team a bird’s eye view of all leads or deals and the status of each. See a complete history for each lead or customer, with all interactions in one place. No more “Wait while I log into my other system” or “Sorry sir, I can’t find your emails”

Why your business needs a digital pipeline

  • More leads = more sales. Don’t let good leads slip through the cracks. Automatically create leads in one place from any lead source. Email, your website or even a Facebook Ads Campaign.
  • Stop wasting time on searching your inbox or shared drives. See a complete history of all communications received from, and sent to each lead or customer. All emails, messages and phone calls in one place.
  • Your future clients WILL NOT use email. Consumers send billions of text messages each day. Besides email, you can now use a Unified Inbox to engage your customer using the messaging platform they prefer. Live chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Telegram. Each messages is logged on the user’s profile in chronological order.
  • Increase lead engagement by automating your lead nurture follow-up email and text-message sequences.
  • Never forget to follow-up. Set tasks for team members with a few clicks.
  • Message you colleagues on your desktop or app

A revolutionary new way for ANY business to build relationships and boost sales

Millions of people use messenger apps daily as their primary means of communication. Unleash the power of a unified inbox combining email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and even voice calls.

Sales Bots

There are 3 billion messaging app users worldwide. Sending an instant message from an app like WhatsApp or Telegram is quicker and easier than email and an instant response is almost guaranteed.

  • Save time – Your bot answers common questions.
  • Get more qualified leads by collecting email addresses and phone numbers
  • Your bot works while you sleep, never missing the opportunity to generate a lead or even make a sale
  • Provide a superior customer experience. Now your potential client can ask the bot for the information they need, instead of trying to find it themselves.

As with all our services, our approach is a bit different…

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